The sacrament of Confirmation continues the path of Christian initiation into the life of the Church. It conforms the confirmed person more fully to Christ through the indwelling Gift of the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation strengthens the person (the literal meaning of the word to “confirm”) in the faith, and obliges the person more fully to be a witness to Christ by spreading and defending Catholic faith. As Baptism is each Christian’s share in the Paschal Mystery, dying and rising with Christ, so Confirmation is each one’s share in Pentecost, the gift of the Holy Spirit to carry on the work of Christ through the Church.

Confirmation is normally administered by the diocesan bishop or his delegate. Adults who are received into the Catholic Church from another Christian denomination or who are baptized for the first time as adults are confirmed by the parish pastor or his delegate.

Confirmation Preparation

In Confirmation, the Cathedral students join us as we review faith formation in a new way, reflecting their increased maturity level. These students meet every week at St. John Cantius from 7:45-9:15 p.m. for a 13-week session in either the spring or the fall. Students have other requirements as well, including a journal to complete with a mentor and a service component. Starting in the 10th grade year, the students can take as long as they want to prepare for the sacrament. When the students have completed the requirements, they will be included in the next Confirmation group.