Baptism is the gateway to the sacraments, our entry into Christian life. In this first sacrament to be received, we pass from death to life, reborn as children of God. We die and rise with Jesus Christ: our old, merely natural life ends as our new Christian life, a life of grace conformed to Jesus, begins. Baptism sets us free from original sin: that is, since Baptism gives the life of grace, we are freed from a state of life without grace, and thus our hope of eternal life and the assurance of God’s presence throughout the journey of our lives is granted.

Parents are encouraged to have their children baptized within the first few weeks after birth, or immediately if the child is in danger of death. Ideally, Baptism is celebrated on Sunday, the day the Church celebrates the Resurrection.

Insofar as possible, a sponsor is to be given to each child to be baptized. The sponsor’s role is to help the baptized person lead a life in harmony with their Christian identity, along with the natural parents; to pray for and support the person throughout life and particularly in their formative years. There may be one male or one female sponsor, or one of each sex. Sponsors are to be at least sixteen years of age and be confirmed Catholics who lead a life in harmony with the faith. Non-Catholics cannot be admitted as Catholic sponsors but can serve as Christian witnesses to the Baptism.

Baptismal Preparation

Expectant parents are asked to participate in a Baptismal session if they have not already done so. Parents are encouraged to participate in the class before their first child is born. Classes are usually scheduled the second Saturday of every month by appointment only.

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