Project H.E.A.L.

Project H.E.A.L. (Health, Education, Access, Link) is an outreach program of CentraCare Family Health Center. Project H.E.A.L. offers free health screenings and basic care at various Central Minnesota locations for those who have little or no insurance.

The goal of Project H.E.A.L. is to overcome the barriers to health care for the under-served population of Central Minnesota — barriers of transportation, inadequate or lack of financial resources for co-payments and medications, language and culture.

St Anthony Church provides clinic personnel (which includes a doctor and/or a nurse practitioner along with a nurse and a receptionist) one Wednesday per month from approximately 5-7 p.m. Barb Johnson, a parish nurse from our parish, has been working for this program over10 years. Other parishioners have also been involved throughout these years.

Contact Person:

Barb Johnson 320-493-0302