Youth Ministries

Youth Group

Youth Group provides youth in Grades 7-12 opportunities to explore their Catholic faith through experiences of prayer and catechesis. Youth Group provides the “Young Church” opportunities to develop faith skills that will help them minister to our parish community now and in the future. Youth Group also helps youth to build relationships with adult mentors who model their faith in their everyday lives.

Some of the activities include once-a-month Youth Group sessions, Castaway, Diocesan Senior High Youth Rally and Diocesan Junior High Youth Rally. Service projects include Senior Prom, A Call to Service and baking cookies for shut-ins. Recreational activities include a ski trip, a Christmas Break trip to Mall of America and a trip to Valleyfair.

Youth Advisory Board

Youth in Grades 7-12 are invited to work with the Youth Ministry Coordinator to provide vision and direct the Youth Ministry Program. The commitment is one meeting per month during the school year.

Contact Person

Scott Frieler (252-0535 Ext. 102)
website: Spirit and Saints Youth Ministry Facebook page