Parish Library

The St. Anthony Parish Library was begun in 2006 by Rose Edington. She and husband Peter brought most of the book cases. The parish members donated most of the books. Pastor Fr. Tim Wenzel gave permission for the library to share space with maintenance storage in the kitchen off the Gathering Space.

Volunteers sorted the books and decided on various categories:  Jesus, Mary, Spiritual, Meditation, Church History, Parents, Children, Poetry, Saints, Biography, Papal Writings, Fiction, Biblical, Social Commentaries, Prayer and Mystics.

Books may be taken out and returned at the convenience of the readers.

The library is open before and after weekend Masses. At present one person is responsible for overseeing the library—one on Saturday and another on Sunday:  opening the door, turning on the lights, opening the 2 cupboards to display books, and shelving books that are turned in.


  1. Individuals to oversee the library—perhaps a month at a time
  2. Several people to read shelves and organize the books
  3. Someone to prepare bulletin information and/or promote use of the library

Contact Person

Pat Hill      (251-9445)