Spirit and Saints Health and Wellness Team

Mission Statement

The health and wellness team was created in answer to the teaching of Christ as He sent his apostles forth telling them “to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick” (Luke 9:2). As Catholic parishes, we are in a unique position to assist our parishioners in their life journey, integrating faith and health, proclaiming the Gospel while using our gifts to reach out to them in matters of health, being listeners, educators, and offering resources.

Our committee is made up of health professionals from our cluster. We have joined together to offer parishioners a variety of health-related information through health fairs, bulletin messages, monthly speakers and educational sessions. Please feel free to contact us with questions, ideas and concerns!

Members of the Health Team

Rev. Tom Knoblach, PHD; Pastor

Jayne Byrne, MS, RDN; Registered Dietitian

Mary Hoenig, RN, MS

Barb Johnson, RN; Parish Nurse

Karla Koenig, RN, BSN

Gwen Przybilla, RN, Parish Nurse

Pam Rickbeil, RN, MS

Roxann Storms, MSW, LICSW, FT; Pastoral Assistant

Norm Virnig, MD

Nancy Zaczkowski, RN; Pastoral Assistant

Lydia Zwilling, RN

Parish Health Team Goals:

  1. Provide health information through the bulletin and website. The team would be available for questions via the website or contact with the parish offices.
  2. Health education sessions throughout the year on topics including:
    • Nutritional health
    • Grief/caregiver support
    • Diseases and wellness
    • Mental health
    • Medication uses/concerns
  3.         Organize a volunteer system to assist parishioners in living lives to the fullest, in mind, body and spirit.

 What We Cannot Do:

a) Replace public health or home care nurses
b) Replace pastoral care
c) Provide invasive nursing actions or procedures
d) Replace medical professionals for advice on individual health needs
e) Administer medications

Volunteers Welcome!

There will be many opportunities for those in the health professions and parishioners with other backgrounds to assist us in the goal of reaching out to one another through this ministry. If you would like to offer your help, please contact one of the parish offices. Mentoring and training will be provided for all volunteers as well as background checks where applicable.

Example Volunteer Activities:

  • Helping with blood pressure checks
  • Visiting the homebound and parishioners in nursing homes
  • Assist with set up / refreshments at educational sessions
  • Offering educational expertise for website conversations, speaking events and bulletin messages

We welcome any health-related questions and suggestions from parishioners. You can either place them in the suggestion boxes at your respective parish or use our website. All questions will be answered in a timely manner!

Click here to submit your question(s) sapa@spiritandsaints.org

Contact Person

Nancy Zaczkowski  (251-5966)

Click here for link to Make It OK.org, resource for mental illness.

Click here for flyer for Adverse Childhood Experiences Presentation.