Funeral Dinners and Area Leaders

It is over 40 years that we have provided dinners the day of the funeral for all registered parishioners. This charitable service is offered to the family of the deceased at no expense to them except for the cost of the meat. We have been able to remain self-supporting, with no cost to the parish, for the entire time due to the generous donations made in your envelopes twice yearly—in February and August—marked “Funeral Dinners.” We deeply thank all of our faithful and dedicated Area Leaders and their volunteers who so generously continue serving our parish. However, as many of our volunteers here served in this program from the beginning, we desperately need new people to offer their help so that we can continue this service. It is an important and special part of a funeral where relatives and friends can provide support to the family. We feel St. Anthony Parish is unique and special and hope we will always be able to provide this service through your help.

Assisting at the funeral dinner will involve about 3-4 hours, and the wonderful, warm cooperation of the people working together in this emergency is truly a Christian example of understanding and love.

Contact Persons

Terry Olson (252-2413) or Ruth Kosel (252-9247)