Resurrection Choir

The Resurrection Choir sings for parish funeral liturgies, the parish Memorial Mass and Stations of the  Cross  during  Lent.  Everyone  is  welcome;  there  are  no  auditions.  This  is  not  a  4-part  choir. Currently, there are about 25 members. This includes 6 couples, and in the winter time 2 members are  snowbirds.  Once  in  a  great  while  Gail  asks  for  a practice  (held  before  the funeral  in  the  choir room). Last practice was 3 years ago. Resurrection Choir does not sit in the elevated choir space. Funeral liturgies vary in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour or plus. We know hymns are comforting—a “feel good” ministry for us—and we have all heard “Singing is praying twice.”

Contact Person

Jackie Reisinger     (251-4555)