Homebound Ministry

This  is  a  ministry  of  listening  and  being  there  rather  than  talking  or  doing!  There  are  many  fellow parishioners who at some time of grief or loss, sickness or fear, need a loving person to just sit with them,  be  present.  There  are  also  many  homebound  parishioners  who  miss  the  friends  and  social gatherings of the church.

If you have been told or feel you are a great friend who listens well to others, this surely is the ministry for you. It is a chance to make new friends or reunite with old friends. There are no time limits or constraints … visits can be daily, weekly, monthly … whatever works in one’s schedule. All volunteers will need to go through the “Safe Environment” training.

Contact Person

Nancy Zaczkowski   (251-5966)