American Red Cross Blood Drive

The Spirit and Saints Cluster holds four blood drives yearly for our community. St. Anthony Church has their blood drives in May and December. Volunteers are needed to assist with the canteen, call donors, and greet donors as they arrive to donate. The drives are typically from 1 to 7 p.m. Volunteer callers call the people on our list prior to the drive and set up their appointment time. Generally, each volunteer will have a list of about 20-30 donors to call within a two-week period. Canteen workers help  serve  the  people  a  light  snack  after  donating.  Usually  canteen  volunteers  stay  for  two  hours during the drive. Greeters sit at the table as people arrive and check them in for their appointment. Usually greeters volunteer for at least half of the shift. Training is provided for all of these tasks. This is a very rewarding volunteer opportunity, helping to provide the gift of life to so many in need!

Contact Person

Nancy Zaczkowski  (251-5966)